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Something you’d like to see in an upcoming post or want to submit a guest post?  Your idea or words could be featured here!

2 thoughts on “Open post

  1. I work on medieval/early modern vowesses, who intersect with nuns, so I’d be especially interested in anything focusing on this period. I’d particularly like to hear/join discussion around enclosure – how enclosed was enclosed? This includes everything from maintaining family relationships; secular boarders in convents; managing finances and income from property; contribution to society intellectually and culturally; the relationship between the convent and laity living nearby…. It would also be interesting to discuss how the Dissolution impacted not just the nuns themselves but those around them.

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    1. thank you for these suggestions! I’m actually working on female monastic enclosure in the early modern period, so these questions and issues really resonate for me. And I love the Dissolution idea!

      I might tap you for a guest post!


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